Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are we seeking certain types of products for consideration?

    We welcome submissions across many categories. Each product submission is reviewed for attributes that have the best opportunity for success on the show and with our investors.

  • Will the show enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement for my submission?

    If selected for the show, we will have extensive protective agreements/language. NEWPRENEURS confirms that your submission will not be given to anybody outside of our organization. It will only be used to assess whether it is suitable to be featured on our show. We also confirm that we will not compete in any way with your submitted product/idea, but please note, we will receive many applications and cannot guarantee that we may, from time to time, receive similar submissions.

  • Does my product/idea need to be manufactured or have a complete business plan before I submit my application?

    Not necessarily. You do need to have a prototype constructed if you are in the idea stage. When possible, a working prototype OR actual product that has been produced is preferred.

  • What type of products/ideas are we looking for?

     1. Food & Beverage

     2. Technology

     3. Health/Nutrition

     4. Toys/Games

     5. Apparel/Accessories

     6. Application

     7. Fitness/Sports

     8. Music

     9. Household/Home

     10. Entertainment

     11. Beauty

     12. Seasonal

     13. Pets

     14. Lawn & Garden

     15. Hardware/Tools

  • Are there any categories off-limits for submission?

     1. Feminine Hygiene

     2. Genuine Furs

     3. Gambling-related Products

     4. Tobacco-related Products

     5. Sexual Aids

     6. Fuel Additives

     7. Firearms

  • Is there a fee to submit?

    No, the show does not charge for submissions, evaluations, or the opportunity.

  • May I speak with someone to discuss my submission?

    Due to the volume of submissions, we are unable to speak directly with applicants. You will be contacted by a member of the team if there is interest in moving to the next step.

  • What if I have more than 1 submission? Do I need to fill out a submission form for each idea?


  • Can I submit my application via email, fax, or US mail?

    No, all submissions must be completed electronically through our website.

  • Can I change my application after I submit it?

    No, unfortunately, we do not have the capabilities to allow for that. So please take your time in submitting.

  • How long will it take to receive a response regarding my application?

    Due to the number of applications we receive, and our evaluation process, please allow us ample time to review. Typically, you should expect to hear within 4-6 weeks of submitting, but please know holidays, show planning, etc. might push the timeline a week or so. You should expect to receive an email response, one way or the other within 90 days.

  • Can I check the status of my submission?

    Unfortunately, no. Please allow us the proper timeframe to effectively review your submission.

  • What are reasons I might not be selected?

     1. The product/idea competes with a similar idea already selected.

     2. The product/idea just isn’t ready for investment.

     3. Certain claims can’t be substantiated.

     4. Product/idea isn’t right for social media.

     5. The product/idea is not an original idea and there are others that exist similarly in the marketplace already.

  • If selected and I am offered a deal, am I required to take it?

    Every application received is under the assumption that he/she has read the terms and rules for participation, has agreed to them, and will abide by the nature of the Program, which includes the opportunity to receive and accept an offer from one of our Angel Investors. Prior to filming and participation, proposed scenarios will be presented to contestants, so he/she is fully aware of the potential outcome. Once the applicant has accepted participation, it is expected that he/she will accept any offer presented.

    Share percentage for investors.

     1. If you get a $50,000 investment you will give 6% to the Angel Investor(s) and 1% to the Newpreneurs Company.

     2. For a $100,000 investment the Angel Investor(s) will receive 12% and 2% will go to the Newpreneurs Company.

     3. A $250,000 investment, 30% will go to the Angel Investor(s) and 5% to the Newpreneurs Company

  • If I am selected to participate in the show, regardless of investment, is there any compensation to the show itself for marketing and promoting me and giving me this opportunity?

    NO. If you are given and accept an offer from NEWPRENEURS, you will be entitled to 12 months of complimentary mentoring by the NEWPRENEUR’S team.