About the show

If you are 25 or younger and have been dreaming about starting your own business, now is the time. Send us a 90 second video of your idea and become a member of the NEWPRENEURS community, you might even be selected to be on the show and get the investment dollars and guidance you always wanted.

NEWPRENEURS is a show that allows young people the opportunity to pitch new ideas to a panel of Angel Investors. Selected participants will be featured on the show on our web site and our YouTube channel. If you are successful, you will acquire startup money and business mentorship.

If you are prepared to submit your business idea, here are some guidelines which will help you.

You should produce a video of you explaining how the product/idea works and how it should be applied and used.

This video should be no more than 90 seconds.

NEWPRENEURS confirms that your submission will not be given to anybody outside of our organization. It will only be used to assess whether it is suitable to be featured on our show.We also confirm that we will not compete in any way with your submitted product/idea, but please note, we will receive many applications and cannot guarantee that we may, from time to time, receive similar submissions.

Once you sign up for newpreneurs it will allow you watch the show on our website or our YouTube link.

The show will be shot and recorded remotely from your home or place of work.

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