Democratizing French Entrepreneurship

We offer an inclusive MiniMBA to help people reintegrate to social and economic life in France through entrepreneurship.

We are raising 35 000 € to launch the pilot program.

During Q1 2018, we will launch our first pilot program in Paris. In this program we will teach 10 refugees how to redefine their career paths, take control of their lives and validate a business.

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Combining both of best worlds

To guarantee the success of the program, we are designing and implementing it combining the knowledge and experience of two organizations with proven track record on our respective fields

Singa, an organization that helps society interact and integrate refugees operating in 4 different French regions and 6 countries.

We are an education startup that offers digital transformation & entrepreneurship programs. Our students come from high growth companies, such as Google, Twitter, Uber, BBVA

Handcrafted program for French economic integration

Building in our experience designing inclusive entrepreneurship programs, we are adapting our curriculum and improving it to maximize our impact and help people accelerate their social and economic integration to the new French Economy.

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  • language

    French Language Fluency

    Language acquisition is essential for social integration. We've worked with polyglots that helped us reverse engineer and design the best way to learn French.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Designed with Centraal and the help of Google for Entrepreneurs, we've come up with a great inclusive entrepreneurship program. It's now used to teach at Mexican Universities.

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    Self Management

    Taking control of your profesional life implies being able to self-manage. We teach people how to acquire the skills, confidence and discipline required to make things happen.


We currently side by side with partners and clients to design the best entrepreneurship and career acceleration program ever. This are a few our the companies in our community as partners and clients.

Why Entrepreneurship

The Employment Challenge

With unemployment rates reaching 20% and a continuos influx of population, we have a great social and economic challenge.

As the amount of economic and politic refugees rises along with Digital Transformation affecting employment, we need new, better ways to confront the future.

Job Creation

Entrepreneurship is the single largest source of job creation — particularly new companies that aren't focused in technology

Democratizing the access to non-IT entrepreneurship, is one of the best job generators we can leverage to move the economy forward.