We help governments and corporations build peace and prosperity.

The entrepreneurship ecosystems we de design and implement are focused on job creation, in order to secure peace and stability in any region.

In ever region we work, we design entrepreneurship ecosystems that combat the root cause of all system violence and civil unrest: joblessness.


We immerse ourselves in the region in order to asses thepresence and maturity of the different actors and activities required to develop an ecosystems.


2. Design

Based on the knowledge and data generated in the previous phase, we design an entrepreneurship program tailored for the region.

3. Implement

We execute the plan in partnership with local organizations in order to ensure a proper training and sustaining of the local entrepreneurship ecosystem.

4.Build & Scale

We take the most promising entrepreneurs and ideas and build companies with company building process, which includes insuring a steady market to sustain growth.

Democratizing Entrepreneurship

We want to make entrepreneurship accesible for everyone. That is why we launched our academy whereeveryone can find the skills & support launch and grow a job-creating business.

visit our academy currently only in Spanish,French & Arab coming soon

We develop social entrepreneurship ecosystems for


An Ecosystem Designed with World-Class Partners

We've designed our "peace entrepreneurship" building process with the help of world-class partners such as Google for Entrepreneurs, Collective Academy and Variv Capital.

Entrevista con Pato Bichara, CEO de Collective Academyen Bloomberg
  1. Google for Entrepreneurs
    Inclusion Initiative

    The program was conceived through a collaboration with Google for Entrepreneurs, Centraal and Collective Academy.Through thiscollaboration we designed an entrepreneurship program to help migrants returning to Mexico to start a business and have a soft-landing back home.

  2. MIT Solve & United Nations

    The program was selected as finalist for MIT Solve's program and presented at United Nations' Headquarters as a viable solution to migration crisis, terrorism and national security.

  3. Colombia, France and Mexico

    We are currently designing social entrepreneurship ecosystems for peace in three different regions. Each with their unique process, partners and objectives.

Current Programs

  • COLOMBIA: Demobilized and Displaced

    Ecosystem forDemobilized and Displaced

    Identify and Train: We are collaborating with ASCUN (the Colombian University Association) to design the social entrepreneurship program to be taught in all the network's universities. This program will be opened and serve as starting point to train more than a million students in entrepreneurship for peace.

    Sustain and Connect: With the help of Telefonica we are building a social entrepreneur community. This community serves to strengthen the entrepreneurs . skills and allows us to identify the businesses and entrepreneurs that will be able to scale.

    Scale and Celebrate: Finally, our investment partners such as Variv Capital are ready to provide the mentorship and investment for companies that are ready to scale massively with human capital . Thus providing the jobs the country needs to create for demobilized population and secure the conditions for peace.

  • FRANCE: Refugees and Migrants

    Thanks to the collaboration between the Mexican and French Government as well as Numa Paris, we will start our diagnosis phase duringQ2 2017 using Station F as our headquarters.

    Our objective will be to understand what kind of jobs and companies we need to build in Europe in order to provide jobs to thousands of refugees and immigrants.

  • Mexico: Returning Migrants

    Where all started — we are working with Centraal, Collective Academy and Variv Capital to develop an entrepreneurship ecosystem for returnees.

Peace requires an entire ecosystem

Eradicating systematic violence, requieres focus on the root of the problem: Joblessness.

Creating the companies that will produce jobs requieres entire ecosystems of organizationworking together — no single action alone can solve the problem by itself.

Only then can we offer restless youth a better alternative to crime, violence and terrorism.

Global Partners

Our work is possible thanks to support of our partner network across Mexico, Colombia and France.


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E: newpreneurs@humana.org.mx

If you want to learn more about our programs drop us a line. We are always eager to promote peace and entrepreneurship and looking forward to collaborate.